Turn mountains into molehills..

I’ve learnt that identifying your beforehand challenges is one of the most important things you can do in your business.

So when I plan a world class event, I work backwards on what we would need, to create a successful event that moves forward elegantly. Don’t under estimate the step of going through what can go wrong in your business before as it helps make mountains of challenges into mole-holes you can tackle with.

Recently we won the Guinness World Records title for the Most number of people attending a business speed-networking event.

 The top 3 challenges were:

1) Marketing Campaign

  • Guinness World Records™ has a strict policy of what we can, or can’t say.
  • After a month of producing videos, getting scripts approved, we had not yet received approval from the Guinness World Records™ to start our marketing campaigns.
  • Some of our marketing videos had to be amended more than 9 times.
  • Finally 4 weeks before the big event, we had the approval to promote the event.

2) Team Dynamics

  • To execute the world record, we knew we needed 3 times the amount of team.
  • So besides our core team of 9, we enrolled our current and veteran clients who joined us on the day.
  • We were a team of 35 in total.

3) The small things that add up

  • Total Number in the room
  • Rotation for speed networking
  • Disqualification from the world record
  • We had couple of team briefing days before the event and an early morning start on the day at 6.30am. The countdown had begun.

Lastly, timing – time is always ticking..

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