Life’s A Pitch!

In Business – Life’s a pitch!

By pitch I mean ‘a short sharp and crisp’ communication of who you are and what is unique in your business.

Whether you meet someone in an elevator, in a business meeting, across the dinner table or in a crowded pub, you need to be able to be able to communicate effectively.

No faffing, no beating around the bush and definitely no ignoring the question -what do you do? If you are proud of what you do, don’t be afraid to talk about it.

>> 17th March 2015:

Join 10 entrepreneurs as they get ready put their best foot forward with a 5min pitch which not just reinvents their business but also revitalises their passion. This event is almost sold out but if you are available this Tuesday at 4pm, get yourself a ticket here

I’ll be hosting this event and hope to see you there!


You get what you pitch for and you are always pitching

You get what you pitch for and you are always pitching!

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