Cancer – is merely a symptom – not a cause ( a few suggestions )

In 2013, two of my closest friends in London has been  diagnosed with cancer here in London which deeply saddens me.

One of them recovered within 6months without any medication or treatment by simply making some drastic lifestyle changes and living healthier.

The other however has been recently diagnosed and I write this article for her ..

This article is also for those who treat their body as a temple and are conscious of what they feed it ..

Firstly, I’d like to share this video by my friend Tyler Tolman (his wife Rachelle and I go back a long way!) and his explanation as to why we get breast cancer:

Now, if you liked that video, I think you’ll get a lot from what Don Tolman ( yes, the extremely well known Mr Tolman) has to say.

Here’s a very quick overview:

And here’s a short video on the recent Angelina Jolie case that has been all over the media of late:

How the body works — Cancer – A symptom , not a cause.  Here’s the first video of a multi-part series (skip through the first half of video before he starts talking):

 I have been a keen student of this for many years. In senior school, I specialised in Food and Nutrition as I was curious about health.

I don’t go to the gym regularly but exercise rarely when I can at home (not on a fixed schedule ) and still manage to look a lot younger to my age. I give credit to eating right.

Both my parents have been big on naturopathy.. my  mother was an Economics lecturer and my dad has a PHD in Chemistry from MIT, USA yet they believed that the body has the power to heal itself. WE may need to give it a bit of aid, but in most cases we just have to get out of the way and not hamper it’s efforts of correcting itself. The multi-part video series above explains this in better detail than i can share in this post.

Anyway, here are the TOP recommendations I’ve come across from those that have overcome cancer or assisted others to overcome cancer in their life.

Some Lifestyle changes 

1) Stop using anti-perspirant! It’s a chemical storm that blocks your body’s ability to expel toxins. Use perfume to mask the smell instead of blocking sweat. There are salt sprays or aromatherapy that can help.

2) 8 -12 glasses of water a day (flush out toxins), at least. Not in one go, but spaced out over the day.  Have a BPA bottle nearby at all times if you ‘forget’ to drink. If it’s not convenient, you won’t do it. Water has to be within arms length of you and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll drink in a day when it’s there.

3) 2 cups of japanese green tea

4) Sweat / run and sauna & exercise  (Flush out toxins)

5) Ladies don’t wear tight /underwired bras for too long  (lymph glands get restricted and it’s proven to create lumps).

6) Consume more Alkaline foods into your body – Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment!

In other words, a body in harmony if there is equal amount of acidity and alkaline .

A city atmosphere often is more acidic than alkaline due to emissions from vehicles, lesser trees around, pollution ,etc.

Also foods like bread, alcohol, processed foods are all very acidic to our system.

Our bodies needs to be in equilibrium and we need to eat more veggies — 1 portion of acid diet food should be equal to 1 portion of alkaline food.

7) Eat 8-12 bitter apricot kernels.

Some cool articles here


Before you get on the bandwagon of them being dangerous, do some research on how the compounds work and interact with cancerous and non cancerous cells in the body.

8) If life gets too stressful — SLOW DOWN

Nothing is more important than health.

9) Here are some more fruits and veggies which help you avoid cancer.

Cancer preventing foods

These are my views and what I live my life by.. and I share them today as I’ll be urging my dear friend to read this blog.

If you have found this blog useful, do leave a comment.

My innate wish is to see people trust the healing power of their own body, to live a healthy life free of pharmaceuticals (unless in extreme cases where it is required, but understand their will be unintended effects later) and to stop the corruption in our food source. We all deserve health as a sound mind can only rest in a healthy body.

yours sincerely


  • akismet-07cd4df357fbb080c88126a51d31c72d
    December 7, 2013

    I’m so glad to read this. I didn’t know you had such a deep awareness around creating health through nutrition. I totally agree with all of your points. I would also add the removal, or at least great reduction, in inflammatory foods. Essentially anything processed and especially those including polyunsaturated fats, sugar and grains. The issues from show up most clearly as caused for autoimmune diseases, but I’m sure the healthier living will have at least some systemic benefit to avoiding cancer as well. In simple terms, cancer is a modern disease which is caused in part by modern foods. So eat old school!
    Love your passion for this. Worth staying up late for!
    Much Love, John

  • Sonia
    December 8, 2013

    Great article Darshana!

  • Jose-phine Collins
    December 9, 2013

    I agree. Food is good if itis fruit veg.etc.

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